Four Steps to Creating a Purposeful Career You Absolutely Love

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Recently I was in a coaching conversation with a gentleman who I could deeply relate with.

This man is a top Sales Executive for one of the major professional sports leagues and reached out to me because he feels stuck in both his career and life.

He expressed that he appreciates what he’s been able to create in his profession thus far (consistently being on the top revenue producers in his organization), however at the same time he feels a bit mentally scattered and has reached a point in his life where he’s desiring to identify more of his purpose in life, as well as utilize his natural gifts in a different capacity.

Ultimately, he aspires to fully work for himself one day, creating a lifestyle that allows him to do work that he absolutely loves, on his own terms, while also being paid handsomely to do so.

He also mentioned to me that he felt a deep resonance to my own story and was interested in mentorship, as he didn’t really have anyone in his circles whom he felt comfortable enough to open up to, about some of the deeper things going on within his heart and mind.

These are the exact type of conversations I have on a nearly daily basis, so I recognize it not only from the clients whom I support (who as you can see are right in the grip of it), but within my own personal experience too, as I was right there just a few years ago myself.

However, to add even more depth and clarity as to the qualities and traits of these individuals whom I’m speaking about (plus to invite you to see if you may share any similarities or congruencies with them on your own personal end as well), here are the commonalities between nearly all of them:

1. They are Sales or Marketing Executives (majority of which working for large corporations)

2. Heart-centered, ambitious, and self-motivated

3. Entrepreneurial minded

4. Freedom seeking + very independent

5. Well-traveled (or if not, have a strong desire to)

6. More times than not, they were former athletes (rather at a highly competitive high school varsity or collegiate level)

7. Top performers who are proven within their professions, leading to opportunities for promotions within their fields

Also, these individuals are more times than not, married (or in committed long-term relationships).

I can empathize with these types who feel stuck the most, because for multiple years in the past, I’ve deeply been in their exact same shoes myself too (If interested, you can read more details of my own personal story around this prior time in my life, as well as how I intentionally created a new one in Why I Left My Dream Job, as well as How to Exit Corporate America & Create Professional Freedom).

Though I didn’t have any clear guidance or mentorship at the time when I was previously in a similar position, I do recognize the fact that there are countless others who are in it, with some actually desiring more intentional support and guidance around how to navigate through it.

This is writing is for those who are about that action, because at the end of the day, talk is nothing but words if it isn’t followed up with:

1. Consistency

2. Looking at one’s saboteurs (the distinct ways we as humans can self-sabotage ourselves — if we don’t have awareness of our habitual patterns)

3. Ones relationship to embracing fear of the unknown (as true growth is not a straight line process, at least if you’re a human born with emotions — and guess what, that’s all of us) ;-)

I’m not one to live in regret, because I believe everything happens for a reason (because we are the creators of our lives, plus the experiences we draw towards us), and each of us has our own individual path while we’re here on this beautiful planet.

However, I will say, I had absolutely no back and forth dialogue or guidance while I was in the grip of feeling stuck within my corporate career.

I was too afraid to go to my then boss (for fear of being ‘let go’ if I shared with him how I felt — aka I had seen that happen with others who were also in high level corporate sales positions across different industries).

I also want to be very clear here too, as this isn’t about knocking the corporate profession either.

I have clients whom I presently work with (some of which for over a year), who will be reading this, who are either executives still within the corporate profession.

Some have gone from Sales Executive roles to Manager or Director positions (that were more aligned with their dreams and visions) at either their organization or in some cases completely new companies.

Some have gone from large corporations to smaller start-ups where they feel they have more creative input, and the organization’s mission is linked to a cause they feel deeply connected to.

My whole reason for bringing these up is because the majority of people who approach me about working together are those who have already been in corporate for enough years where they know it’s no longer for them.

One last thing before we get started, in reference to the ‘regret’ piece that I mentioned earlier.

I’m grateful for the jump I took and what I’ve been able to create in both my personal and professional life ever since (click here to read Why Sometimes You Just Gotta Jump).

I truly don’t believe my life would have unfolded as it has today, unless I took that jump.

However, my intention is to help better prepare those who aspire to create the same, so when they do take the jump themselves, they at least have some tangible advice and clear steps on not only ‘what’ is necessary, but how to go about ‘doing’ it, specifically from someone who’s previously been in their same position.

So, without further ado, here are the top four steps to creating a purposeful career.

1. Embrace ALL of Yourself

Whatever we focus on expands.

If one is in a stressed, anxious, or overwhelmed state, then continuing to focus on being stressed, anxious, overwhelmed will continue to create the exact same.

From these particular states, it’s damn near (actually it’s 100%) impossible to tap into your creative and expansive mind.

Your bodies physiology is too focused on being in ‘survival’ mode, rather than the opposite and more forward progressing, ‘creative’ state.

Creative ideas, visions, and actions from a deeply present and calm place, are what create the same.

They give room for one’s internal truth to bubble up to the surface.

The answers don’t come from either me, your closest friend, or any other human being.

The answers are within you.

I’m going to say something that is going to be a bit direct, but pay attention to how your body responds to it.

Here it is:

No one is here to save you.

I repeat, no one is here to save you.

You are the creator of your whole entire life.

Where you sit, who you’re with, the job in which you have, the work schedule in which you operate from, all of it.

You either intentionally created it for yourself, or unconsciously allowed it to be.

Embracing that piece in itself is a crucial first step, that if it isn’t honored right off the bat, then moving onto the other ones would be futile.

By fully honoring, embracing, and loving exactly where you’re at (stressed or stuck feeling and all), creates an opening and expansive shift within the body (which then allows there to be more space in the mind to construct something new).

Why do you think meditation is so popular ;- )

It quiets down the mind and body, allowing more space and room for what’s ‘real’ to come up to the surface.

So rather than judge or condemn where you’re presently at in life, embrace it all from a place of self-love and gratitude for what you’ve created.

Learn to love all of your creations (even the ones you may resist or contract from).

This is a key first step, which allows one to feel much lighter and at ease.

And guess what, when you feel more lighter and at ease, then you’ll have the space to do number 2….

2. Get Clear about what it is you love

What is it that you love?

What is it that creates a sense of expansion in every cell of your body?

What is it that while you’re doing it, time seems to flow by effortlessly?

These are great anchoring statements to ask yourself in order to create inner clarity on what it is that you truly do love.

However, I’ll admit, the majority of clients I work with have been so in the grip (oftentimes for several months or even years), that there’s not too much perceptual room or time spent from this particular frame of mind (again, if one feels mentally scattered then there’s no room it).

However, the ones I usually work with are highly committed individuals who ultimately all share one thing in common.

- A deep desire to tap into their fullest potential

They’re not in it for the ‘short’ or quick fix game, they’re in it for the long haul.

They recognize and aren’t interested in band aides to cover things up on the surface, not actually getting to the root.

No, they are committed (I use that word again intentionally), committed to creating a life of doing what they absolutely love.

Most people, may do this following exercise, feeling a sense of expansion or clarity around it, but guess what, they’ll default back into patterns they’ve been on auto-drive for them either several years, or in most cases their entire lives.

However, this isn’t to be judged, as it’s actually human nature.

Our brains are wired for comfort, not to grow in areas that create a new and expansive routine.

It takes a certain level of clarity within this piece alone, as well as that in the upcoming step 3, in order to recognize and create a whole new way of showing up in the world.

3. Create a New Story

As a person who love stories, I’ll admit, this is the part that creates the deepest level of excitement for me to talk about with you.

We create from whatever our story is.

I repeat, we create from whatever our story is.

What is your story?

If I were to ask you what are you most excited about creating in your life, what would your answer be?

If this part isn’t clear, then the foundation isn’t clear.


Beautiful and empowering stories are what the body loves.

It wants it.

It craves it.

It would die for it (alright maybe I’m over-exaggerating a tad bit on the ‘die’ part). ;- )

However, this is an absolute goldmine when it comes to creating clarity as to not only where you’re headed, but who you’re also committed to ‘being,’ and ‘why’ said story is even important to you.

A powerful story is one that elicits a deep emotional response in the body.

One that you can FEEL in every aspect of your being.

If the first two steps aren’t fully honored and cultivated, then the likelihood of creating a bonafide bad ass story, are slim to none.

What is a bonafide bad ass story?

1. An honoring of where you’ve been and what you’ve experienced and overcome in your life, up until this point

2. A clear and distinct vision of what future you are living in NOW, via the story you are ‘being’ in your present reality

Allow me to explain a little more.

By recognizing the power of your previous story up until this point, and the beauty of where it’s led you to in this moment, you can begin to appreciate all layers of where you’ve been and what you’ve created in your life up until this point.

However, where the even deeper power is, comes from creating a completely new and life-enhancing story.

One that serves you today.

One that is aligned to where it is you desire to be.

One that is rooted in the heart, and channeled from the mind in everything you do.

One that says HELL YES to living the life of your dreams.

Choosing to let go of a story that no longer serves you or your highest potential, so that you can create more room for truly committing to showing up in harmony with what the universe desires to bring forth in your life (hint: this comes from the HEART, not mind).

How do you feel in your body as you read this?

Can you feel the attunement of all this?

If it resonates it’s because there’s a part inside of you that recognizes it to be true.

Not my truth, but your own inner truth.

Everything I’m saying here is real.

It’s my personal truth and the compass I choose live and create my life around.

Therefore the highly expansive energy that I feel as I write this, is being transferred directly over onto you.

I’m speaking directly to your heart.

Not your intellectual mind.

The heart feels what’s real and honors what is true.

Story is everything.

And the clearer we are with our own, the more aligned we become within ourselves.

And more aligned we are within ourselves, the more we draw to us the experiences in which we need, in order to continue to grow and evolve into bringing our visual reality into the physical form.

If you’d like to check out specifically how to create and live your life from powerful stories, I highly highy highly (did I say highly?) suggest reading a couple of my earlier blogs in, How to Live a Peaceful and Inspired Life and Why Your Story Matters.

4. Identify your strengths and double down on them

Each and every one of us has unique strengths.

Strengths that when we are tuned into them, we have an advantage over others who may not as readily or easily access those same qualities or skills for themselves.

The more we aware of our own (and double down on them), the more likely we are to stand out in what it is in which we choose.

As I mentioned before, many of the clients I work with have high level sales or marketing type backgrounds.

They’re visionary minded, strategic, and creative.

They’ve built up a certain level of success utilizing these skills for a corporation, but may be in a place where they’re not truly able to see the gift of how powerful said skills really are (when it comes to transferring them into doing work for themselves).

I myself sold over millions of dollars (more than 20M to be exact) of high-level premium inventory, including suites priced at $350,00 a year (with a 20-year contract), and all-inclusive 50-yard line seats that cost over $150,000 each (which covered the span of 20+ years) in the professional sports world, over a span of close to 10 years.

All of the trainings, phone calls, appointments, presentations, and dialogue which was created within my time then, are actual skills that have translated in some capacity within my work today.

However, my top superpowers back then were:

1. Building authentic relationships

2. Identifying and creating new possibilities for prospective clients to enhance their sense of excitement and happiness (rather for them personally, or their own clients)

3. Creating stories which helped expand the minds and possibilities of clients

4. Being direct and truthful, even at times when it didn’t make sense for me on a financial or commission check level (there had been several times where I’ve talked prospective clients into purchasing a more affordable option, based on their actual communicated needs, rather than the one they’ve maybe ‘wanted’ the most, but would leave them feeling overstressed and stretched on a fiscal level)

Guess what.

These are all qualities I still use in my work today.

However, I’m just channeling it in a different capacity that more deeply aligns with my values and the story in which I desire to create and live my life from.

In addition to these, I remember colleagues often times complimenting me on my ability to create beautiful sales proposals via e-mail.

They would mention that my way of strategically positioning offers, felt light but direct, and provided a ‘win win’ situation for both parties (my style has always been very relationship based, rather than ‘high pressured’ or ‘salesy type’ of energy).

I wasn’t aware of this then, but writing had always been something I found fun and found effortless.

Guess what, as you presently read this (I’ve been writing for the past 1.5 hours straight, and it feels absolutely great to me).

I genuinely mean that too.

It doesn’t feel like work.

That’s a key quality of a strength.

One that doesn’t feel like tiresome, gruesome, or exceptionally hard work.

It’s something that you’re really good at, so you love doing it as much as you can, and you naturally improve at it overtime, due to the fact that you keep doing it over and over and again.

How cool is that?

Pretty powerful stuff, if you allow yourself the time and space to truly ‘be’ with it.

A couple different self-awareness tests that may help you develop even more clarity of your strengths (if you haven’t done them already thus far) are:

1. 16 personalities (which highlights your personality type — shout out to my fellow INFJ’s)

2. CliftonStrengths (highlighting the top 5 strengths you possess — so you can identify then double down on them) ;- )

I also personally like to use Astrology and Human Design too, which are bit more esoteric but I (and certain clients) have found them to be great tools nonetheless (if interested in having a personal reading done by me on those, send me a message and I can share more with you).

On the path of self-actualization, I like to keep an open-mind to all info that comes in, allowing whatever feels like it serves to be absorbed, while letting go of what I feel isn’t useful for my personal toolkit.

However, the keyword is having enough of an ‘open-mind’ to allow new potential possibilities to come forth.

The more in tune we are with ourselves, the more we’re able to form a bulls-eye (with laser like focus) on what not only excites us the most, but where our intersection of passion, purpose, and skills (with what other people are willing to pay for) interject.

Once key strengths are identified, embraced, and committed too, then the journey can begin unfolding in a completely new and expansive way.

I have one little secret though.

Ready for it?

Here it is….

It’s not always easy.

On the path of ‘life’ing’ (I just made this word up, and…. I’m ok with it), our stuff comes up.

The smaller and more limited version (you know, the comfortable one), will poke it’s rear out at times, and usually at the most inopportune times (you know, those times when we’re usually on the cusp of leveling up, breaking through a certain point that has previously held us back).

The question is, how will you respond then?

How will you respond when the inevitable fears creep up?

What system do you have in place on an emotional level, to recognize when your triggers (and we all have them) are activated, and the physiological pattern of closing off or shutting down completely comes up to the surface?

This is the work.

I repeat, this is the work.

Facing fears from a place of grace and love, as one continues to open their hearts and march towards what it is that they love and feel deeply connected to creating.

To quiet down all the distractions and outside noise, in order to truly focus on the present moment, and the intentional (and sometimes uncomfortable) actions that are necessary to continue progressing forward (especially at those times when you may not ‘feel’ like it).

I’ll say one last thing, which is a bit personal, but I feel led to share anyway.

Both of my parents are deceased, and I was fortunate enough to be with them at the end of their lives.

With my dad I was 12 years old, and on my mother’s end I was 31.

Listening to both of these people whom I love dearly, speak about the things they wished they would’ve done or went full in on (but at times felt paralyzed due to fear), changed my whole entire viewpoint of life.

I truly can’t emphasis this enough.

It really awoken something deep inside of my core, which has forever changed me.

I made a commitment to myself to go ALL-IN.

To do everything in my power to be a master in this lifetime.

To use the energy of both of my parents to create a deeper and bigger impact in the lives of others who may feel stuck, but passionately desire to get back and keep climbing towards that mountaintop (letting go of any blame or excuses that may arise along the way).

This is a part of my own personal ‘why.’

And it’s why no matter what may happen at any given time within my life, I know within every fiber and cell of my being, that I’m a champion.

I’ve already witnessed and experienced more in this lifetime than others who are 2 or 3 times my physical age.

And as a champion for myself, I choose to be a champion for others.

A champion in them honoring and embracing their greatness, even at times when they may not fully see it themselves.

A champion in being a stand for those who are here to truly live a life, where it’s possible to create purposeful and meaningful work that one absolutely loves.

And to truly create a life that’s rooted in being a champion for inner peace and happiness, enhancing EVERY aspect of one’s life, including career, personal health, and relationships.

I leave with two questions:

1. What’s your why?

2. Who are you committed to ‘being?’

The choice always has and will forever be yours, to make.

With Love,


P.S. –

If this is reaching you at a time where it deeply resonates on a personal level, you genuinely embody the qualities of being both passionate as well as self-motivated, and you are truly a HELL YES (who is ready, and I do mean ready) to take a leap forward in not only identifying your ideal career, but creating a purposeful life where you’re doing work in which you absolutely love too, then click here to set up a 30-minute Discovery Call.

In it, you’ll share your story with me, why you feel passionate about creating a new one, and if it feels like a match on both ends, I’ll discuss how it looks to work with me in a 1:1 capacity, and why your life will be enhanced in all areas by doing so.

Purposeful Career & Life Happiness Coach for Heart-Centered Professionals. INFJ. HSP. Expat Living in Costa Rica.